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Quarterly Newsletter - WELL International

Welcome to WELL Autumn 2023 Newsletter

This Autumn issue, we would like to share some of our achievements since we launched WELL in Summer 2023. You have been a part of our journey and so this newsletter is also a way to say 'thank you' for believing in our cause - bringing like-minded women of faith at workplaces together, creating a sense of belonging within this network and a building platform to express ourselves. The challenges in the workplace have been exacerbated by recent geo-political conflicts. This makes our roles as a leader in our workplaces much more difficult because we must be cognizant of the mental and emotional upheaval these conflicts are causing to our people, families, and ourselves. We hope WELL's recent events and content will inspire and encourage you. We continue to launch monthly podcasts, post on Instagram and curate conferences.

  1. International Women's Day 2024 - Wise WELL Woman Summit

One of the key missions of WELL is to bring women of faith together to celebrate International Women's Day - while exploring subjects of leadership, technology, creativity, critical thinking, and balance, in an all-day summit. We have just released the tickets - modestly priced at £29.99 for the summit on 16th March 2024 (includes workshops, lunch, and refreshments) and free entrance for the Evening Celebration on 15th March 2024. Book now here.

2. WELL Leadership Podcast Since our first newsletter, we have released the following podcasts:

  1. A podcast with Judy Njogu-Mokaya, the co-founder of Vunapay in Kenya. In this episode, we talked about the importance of being relational and taking practical steps in decision-making. Listen here.

  2. A podcast with Kirubai Kohout, the founder of GraceKStyling. In this episode, Kirubai focused on her personal story of victim to victory. God restored everything back to Kirubai and more. Listen here.

Please rate the Podcast and leave any feedback. 3. 'Own Your Stage' Virtual Conference 2023 WELL hosted its first virtual conference. Tickets were sold out and we had over 50% attendance constantly from the beginning to the end. Women joined us from Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, India, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, the UK, and the UAE. We had an amazing lineup of speakers, panelists, moderators, and prayer warriors. Some of the feedback of the conference was as follows: "It was interesting to look at the Samaritan woman's story from a different angle in the light of Kingdom perspective. ..also appreciate you and the team for organizing it so well that women from different countries could take part in it. I am looking forward to attending many more conferences organized by WELL." "Really liked the key message. The rudder concept and how it changes the direction of the ship resonated [with me]. Interviews were also focused and practical. [I] was initially reluctant to attend the workshop but found the discussion useful." "Inspiring overall and timely too." "The songs and advice shared were beautiful and what a wonderful experience. ..really enjoyed the breakout room and our discussion on mentorship..." We have released the keynote message from Dr. Kathrine McAleese and you can watch it here. 4. @Women_life_leadership on Instagram a. WELL continues with 'Teesh's Tuesday Truths' on John 14 - it's about 2 minutes and keeps the message fresh every Tuesday; Teesh’s Tuesday Truths will pump you up for the rest of the working week. Curious as to who Teesh is - check her out here. b. WELL is starting a new series called 'Journaling Joy' straight from the Founder's desk. This series will capture the Founder's thoughts and prayers, jumping out of the pages of her Prayer Journal onto your screens every Thursday. c. Our Instagram producer, @Charity Akampumuza, also graces Instagram with Scriptures and quotes, so there is something for everyone. 5. Updates Deepa Tharmaraj was interviewed on a podcast called 'Virtual Water Cooler' - a podcast produced by Ashley Cheung, the owner of Virtual Patent Gateway in the US, and Kiana Soleiman. Deepa shared stories from her childhood and adult life that shaped her to become purposeful in different spheres of her life. You can watch it here. Our quest to grow and positively influence women across all corners of the world can only materialize because we have your support. During the virtual conference we did a quick poll, and women, regardless of cultural background, had a similar request - mentoring opportunities. So, we hope to develop a platform to recruit mentors and match them to mentees in a carefully curated mentoring programme. Gerdi Willis, who calls herself a corporate disciple, is piloting The WELL Mentoring Circle with 5 women. Watch this space!

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.. (Zechariah 4:10, NLT) So once again, we are grateful for your support as we take small steps to lift women.

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