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About Us

At WELL, we hear from women who have exemplified Christian leadership values at their workplaces and communities (Encourage us); we benefit from wisdom and insights from our Coach-in-Residence and trainings (Equip us); and we provide our members with a platform to network, build relationships and connections (Embolden us).

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Our Aim

Our Aim

There aren’t many visible role models of women leaders of faith; and therefore we believe that by showcasing women leaders of faith, we will raise a whole new generation of women leaders of faith who will be encouraged and  equipped to become effective and inclusive leaders.  


So WELL is a platform to aggregate aspiring, emerging and experienced women leaders, to know and activate their purpose, to draw on their God-given power, and to use their presence & position so that we can be a strong collective voice to inspire the next generation and build a lasting foundation that will serve as a constant, positive and uplifting force for the benefit  of our workplaces and communities.


Join us to access all our resources and enjoy fruitful and rewarding conversations with like-minded women.


The Team



Deepa Tharmaraj

Deepa Tharmaraj has a heart to inspire women to become women leaders with Christian leadership values (regardless of denominations).  By day, Deepa is a commercial and technology lawyer and led a global workplace movement focused on cultural inclusion with 10K+ members in a Fortune 500 company. WELL is Deepa’s passion project and she is seeking to be a 'bridge-builder’ as she creates this platform for conversations and connections for women everywhere.

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Social Media Lead

Charity Akampumuza

Charity is an event photographer. With 2 boys, widowed quite young, Charity moved to Dubai (UAE), from Uganda, to give her children and her extended families a better life. She started off as a sales assistant in different clothes stores and worked her way up to become a content editor at the headquarters of the same company. Charity is highly passionate about personal development and she has a YouTube channel MagmaTreasures dedicated for the same cause.

Board of Advisors

Diana Nithila Mills .jpg

Diana Nithila Mills

based in Malaysia

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Maxine Nwaneri

based in the U.K.

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Sabin Thomas

based in Australia

Shawnna Hoffman .jpg

Shawnna Hoffman

based in the U.S

Sunita Gomes .jpg

Sunita Gomes

based in Canada

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