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Tola - Emcee

Wise Well Woman Summit

March 15, 2024 - Evening Celebration

6.15pm - 8.15pm (Free) (Doors open at 5.45 pm)

March 16, 2024 - All Day Conference

9.00am - 5.30pm (From £29.99) (Doors open at 8.30 am)

St. Paul's Centre, Queen Caroline's Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9PJ United Kingdom

Celebrate, Network & Grow this International Women's Day 2024 with women leaders of faith

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On checkout, you will be prompted to choose a workshop. Find workshop descriptions below. The Programme details and Frequently Asked Questions are found below too.

Wise Well Woman Summit 2024

Rethink I Reprioritise I Renewal

Join us at the Wise WELL Woman Summit as we celebrate 1st century women in the context of the 21st century and explore the meaningful ways faith can enhance our leadership. Excelling in the workplace should not be hindered by the burden of broken relationships, shame from failure, poor choices, or a myriad of other factors. Together, we will delve into Biblical wisdom and foundational truth which will empower and equip you to thrive in both life and vocation. So if you are asking yourself how can women of faith further distinguish themselves in their workplace and community, or how do we keep pace with the overwhelming pressure of workplace and community culture, or how do we make the right choices, then read on.


Following the inter-testamental period and the 400 years of silence, the long- awaited Messiah is introduced to us in the New Testament through the books of Mathew and Mark.  This revelation brilliantly brings forth women specifically chosen by God to play a vital role in the narrative of Jesus, including Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Elizabeth, and Anna.

Subsequently, we encounter numerous women whom Jesus spiritually, mentally, and emotionally uplifted alongside his disciples. These include the Samaritan woman, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, and Martha, among others. During Paul's journey, we encounter formidable women like Priscilla, Lydia, and Phoebe. Throughout the Summit, these women's stories will be retold through a 21st-century lens, delving into the Christian values that underpin the imperatives of Christian leadership.


This incredible women's leadership conference will begin with an Evening Worship Celebration (free and ticketed event) on Friday, March 15th, 2024, which will set the stage and align your spiritual compass for the full-day conference on Saturday, March 16th, 2024. The Evening Worship Celebration will be open to all in order to celebrate allyship and honour the women in our lives whose stories inherently reflect the narratives of New Testament women.


The full-day conference on Saturday, March 16th will feature three keynotes/plenary sessions grounded in theology, experiential stories, and Bible-based practical workshops, amidst a backdrop of networking, praying, healing, and worship. Throughout the day, we will explore powerful questions on faith and leadership.


Take part as we tap into the endless wisdom of the Bible and kingdom principles in order to help you live and lead with Biblical leadership values. Along the way, you will hear from inspiring women leaders of faith who will share their stories, tools, and resources to help you overcome challenges and thrive in your career and community. A majority of the speakers are women who have ministries alongside their careers or businesses.


So, grab your girlfriends, aunts, sisters, female colleagues, mother, niece, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, grandmother, granddaughter and dedicate a couple of special days getting filled up with the truth.


Don’t miss this chance to connect with women of all walks of life, gain insights from diverse perspectives and cultures, and be empowered by the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit.​


If you are unable to attend in person in London, sign up for the Watch Party and we will release a curated online event just for you.


Founder of WELL, Head of Legal & Compliance (International) of a Nasdaq listed company


Best selling Author, Executive Coach, Keynote speaker, Entrepreneur,  Future is Greater

Shawnna Hoffman.jpg

Keynote speaker on AI/Blockchain, President of Guardrail Technologies

Kalpana Dein.jpg

20 years experience as Consultant Psychiatrist and Founder of Hearts of Prayer Ministry

Tola pic.png

Editor & creative director at Premier Woman Alive, host of the YouTube show Sisterhood & author of 'Still Standing:100 Lessons From An 'Unsuccessful' Life'.

Jamie Phear.jpg

Wise Well Woman Co-Producer

Educator and Writer, Taught at Santa Monica College,

 El Camino College and Union County College

KPena 1.jpg

Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Wellbeing Presenter

Jemimah Paine.jpg

London based music artist, TMMP Awards - ‘Best Pop Artist 2022’ with TMMP awards. Albums include EP ‘Colour’ on all major streaming sites. Featured on BBC Guernsey & Jersey, UCB 1 and 2 and Konnect Radio in the UK.

Rev Mary pic.png

Founder & CEO for Hope Partnership an organization supporting those experiencing homelessness and poverty. 

Marion Githegi.jpg

Actress, Athlete, Investor

Deborah Morel.jpg

Organisational Development Coach, Consultant and Speaker 

Bryon Jones.jpg

Senior Pastor at Eden Church, Ilford (part of The Apostolic Church UK). Award winning gospel group "Jones and co" with the Regenerated album.

Reny Vargis-Cheriyan.jpg

Partner at Deloitte (AI, Insurance and Data Analytics)


Founder of Mind to Win, author of Enough, high performance mindset coach and sociologist. 


Ex-Banker, Founder of GraceK Styling. Curator of Confidence Culture


Founder of Dare to Believe Coaching. Curator of Confidence Culture

Karen DeSay.jpeg

Karen DeSay

Head of Education, Primary Care Networks, Richmond and Hounslow


VP (Bank in the City), Founder of online youth ministry for youths in China. 

Nicolas Beale photo.jpg

Chair of Sciteb, a strategy & search firm that works with FTSE boards, Chair, Lord Mayor’s Ethical AI Initiative



15 March 2024 - Evening Worship Celebration

Doors open at: 5.45pm

  • Welcome & Introduction

  • Prayer & Worship led by Pr. Bryon Jones and worship team (Eden Church)

  • Special Guest Message on Jesus & the 1st century women

  • Monologues

  • Close & Prayer

16 March 2024 - Summit

Doors open at: 8.30am


  1. Welcome, Worship and Opening Prayer (Tola Doll-Fisher)

  2. Keynote & Panelist (led by Maxine Nwaneri)– The ABCDs of Wisdom for Work-Life Balance - ABCD is an acronym for Advice we would give ourselves (and others) knowing what we know now, Blessings that resulted from that, Courageous steps we took and Disappointments we have faced!

  3. Refreshments

  4. Keynote & Panelist (led by Shawnna Hoffman) - Embrace the future - the profound influence of faith amidst the transformative landscape of the 5th Industrial Revolution including advancements in Artificial Intelligence in the workplace and in your day-to-day life. In this session, we will embark on a journey of optimism and trust in God's guidance as we explore how faith can be your anchor in a sea of technological advancements and societal shifts. Embrace the opportunities of this exciting era with confidence, knowing that with God by your side, you can navigate your challenge. Join us as we step into the future with hope and assurance, believing in a world where faith illuminates the path forward

  5. Lunch 

  6. Come alive on God’s dance floor (led by Kimberley Pena) - In a society where the female body is often shamed, suppressed and manipulated, this Dance Movement Psychotherapy experiential workshop aims to rebuild our relationship with our bodies, as the subject, not the object of our lives. Through a focus on the release of pain, both psychological and physiological, we can navigate away from ‘burn out’ state. This session invites you to reconnect with your core-self and God-driven purpose, using dance as the vessel of expression and healing. Responding to the call:’ Dance, then, wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the dance, said He’. No previous dance experience necessary, just permission to move oneself and be moved

  7. Interactive Keynote (led by Kalpana Dein) - Emotionally healthy people often have one thing in common. They have known what it is to be loved. We all crave love, to experience it and to share it, but what is love? To some it is synonymous with romance and intimacy. To others it is the warmth of a parent's affection, or the special fondness they have for their children. In this session, we will explore 2 key elements of our being, namely love and identity, through the interwoven lens of science; and one of the most influential books ever written, the Bible

  8. Sozo – a quick introduction to healing & prayer

  9. Refreshments

  10. Workshops (choose one of three - see below)

  11. Contemplative Prayer

  12. Reflections with writing

  13. Closing with Board & Prayer

  14. Closing songs



Presenters: Deborah Morel

Discovering and growing the Leader in you – increasing your potential

‘Yet you, Lord are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand’ Isaiah 64 v 8

Workshop description:

Each one of us has been created with a unique identity and purpose to lead and to follow. Leadership is not a title or a role, it is a journey without an end, and it starts with:

- Growing in the knowledge of who God has created us to be, Knowing ourselves, our potential - strengths and areas of development, developing resilience.

- Developing, managing and valuing the relationships we have around us and our environment.


During this workshop we will explore:

  • Developing our self-awareness, self-management, social awareness – how attentive am I to others, relationship management – building healthy relationships.​

  • Building resilience with the right focus and energy.

Presenters: Elizabeth Olujimi & Kirubai Kohout 

Bringing the FRUIT to work in confidence

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law” (Galatians 5:22-23).

Workshop description:

The fruit of the Spirit are nine-character traits: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Every Christian leader in the workplace has access to these traits because they are the products of the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus Christ walked on this earth, he lived out these traits in His everyday life, and we are to strive to do the same as we mature in him. Displaying and manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit in the workplace is important as we are called to be the vessel that will shine through in the world that is filled with darkness.


During the workshop, we will explore:

  • Confidence to show up in the workplace with godly character.

  • Highlighting the relevance of the fruit of the spirit in the workplace.

  • Being better communicators of the fruits in action.

  • The world needs women leaders with stronger character to build and influence amidst confusion.

Presenter: Jamie Phear

Tuning into God's voice for calling and purpose

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he has planned for us” Ephesians 2:10

Workshop description:

In a world that is increasingly noisy and a culture that is full of distractions and demands, it can be really difficult to tune out the noise and tune into God’s voice. In truth, each one of us is uniquely designed to bring God’s kingdom to earth and He equips us with distinctive gifts and skills to fulfill his purposes. 


During the workshop, we will explore:

  • calling and purpose in tangible ways and open the door to vision mapping for God’s unique calling on your life. 

  • discerning kingdom wisdom in both life and vocation and learn how to partner with God to step into new spaces of calling with intention and confidence in 2024. God deeply desires for each of us to walk firmly in the purposes he has for us!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Christian denomination of this event?

None – it is multi-denominational, Holy Spirit and Scripture-based.

2. Where can I park my car during the event?

We would encourage you to take the London Underground to Hammersmith Station. The convenience of the various Tube lines that run through Hammersmith station is one of the reasons we chose St. Paul’s Centre. However, if you choose to drive in, there are plenty of paid parking spaces near the venue (using Apollo as a guide). Free parking may be found here for 15th March 2024 and 16th March 2024. Note - that it may be 15-20 minutes walking distance from St. Paul's Centre. 

Zones C, D, M, T, H, L in London Borough Hammersmith – map is found here -

If you are unable to walk (with a disability badge) and require a parking space in the church vicinity, please email the organisers at

3. Is this leadership event targeted at women in the industry/corporate or women across all walks of life, whether working or not?

It is targeted at women of all walks of life.

4. Are the events open for anybody?

15th March 2024 – the Evening Celebration is open to all and we welcome women to join with their families. Pastor Bryon Jones from Eden Church and his worship team will lead us in worship. 

16th March 2024 – the keynotes, workshops and messages are designed for women.

5. Is lunch provided at the event?

Yes, lunch is provided in individually packed bento boxes. There are 2 options – vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. If you cannot consume the selection of ham and chicken sandwiches, please opt for the vegetarian bento boxes. Additionally, there are teas, coffees, and biscuits.

6. Can I buy the tickets at the door?

We may have a few tickets at the door, but we would prefer for you to buy the tickets in advance of the event so that we can make sure that there is adequate catering.

7. Are early bird discounts available?

No – the ticket price starting at £29.99 is competitively priced to cover the venue, catering, musicians, merchandise and ancillary expenses.

8. Is there preferred accommodation for those who wish to stay overnight on 15th March 2024?

No, we do not have any preferred accommodation. There are reasonably priced hotels in the vicinity such as Novotel Hammersmith and Premier Inn Hammersmith.

9. How secure are my credit card details?

WELL uses WIX Event Management system. Wix uses data encryption to protect user data both in transit and at rest. In transit, Wix utilizes HTTP/s over TLS 1.2 and above, as well as a SSL Certificate. At rest, data is encrypted with AES 256, the industry standard for encryption methods.

10. If I book my ticket online, how do I collect my ticket?

Simply show us your ticket on the day, the confirmation email you received after the registration.

11. Can I get a refund if I change my mind about attending?

No, we cannot refund. However, we’ll be happy to use your ticket for someone who is unable to pay for a ticket. Please inform us in advance at

12. Can I bring my children or is there a creche? 

There is no creche. But write to us at and let's see what accommodation we can provide for ad hoc requests.

13. If the event is canceled, how do I obtain a refund?

WELL will refund the fee to you.

14. I booked the wrong session; can I change my booking?

Yes, you may. Please send an email to

15. I can’t pay by credit card; is there an alternate payment method?             

Please send an email to

16. I have special accessibility needs/dietary requirements; can you accommodate me?

Yes, you may. Please send an email to

17. Is there a dress code for the event?

No, please dress in comfortable attire.

18. Where can I find information about the event agenda and schedule?

We are continuing to update the Event page so please keep checking periodically. See above.

19. Is there an online streaming of the events?

No, we are not streaming the event online in real-time. However, please register for the Watch Party and we will send you a Replay when it is available.

20. Where do I find the details of the workshops?

Please scroll to the section before the FAQs which describes the 3 workshops.

21. Will there be praying and healing at the Summit?

Yes, we hope to make space for SOZO, an independent healing and prayer ministry.

22. Could I put a pop table for Christian merchandise? 

Yes, you may. Please send an email to

23. There are authors on the speaking panel. Will they sign my pre-ordered books?

Yes, Maxine Nwaneri and Tola Doll-Fisher are available for signatures for pre-ordered books. Additionally, we have Dr.Kathrine McAleese,  author of 'Enough' and Dr. Sandra Crewe, author of 'Release from Obese: 7 Keys to your Freedom From My Weight Loss Journey' who will sell their books at the stand. 

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