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June Newsletter

Dear WELL Community, 

We are so excited to begin our monthly newsletters with our WELL community. Each month, we will send out an update on community building opportunities, upcoming events, and exciting news in the life of WELL. 

We are still flying high coming off the heels of our first in-person conference event, the Wise Well Woman Summit, which took place on March 15th and 16th at St. Paul’s Centre in Hammersmith. The weekend started with worship and was full of inspiring talks, lively Q&As, impactful workshops, and extensive networking and community building opportunities. God’s glory fell powerfully on the weekend and we are just so grateful for His hand on all we do. 

Below is a video recap of the conference. For those of you who attended, we hope this takes you on a trip down memory lane as you reflect on some of your big takeaways from the event. For those who didn’t get to attend this year, let it be a taster to encourage you to join in on one of our events in the future!

We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and excitement surrounding the conference and are thrilled to share some latest updates with you all. We are thrilled to share that we will be hosting another Wise Well Woman Summit in March 2025. Please head to our webpage and register your interest in next year’s Wise Well Woman Summit. This will ensure you get all the information about dates and tickets as they become available. We also invite you to pray alongside us as we partner with God and begin to plan and coordinate the event. 

Empowering Women Through Global Community and Mentorship

At WELL, we are all about community and our vision is to continue to build a global network of support for women across denominations and generations – a community where we can come together in mentorship and friendship as we discuss how faith enhances our lives and leadership. 

To support these efforts, we are launching Grace Circle. Grace Circle is a once a month online gathering of support for women. Each month, we have an amazing facilitator leading a group of women through exercises and breakout room discussions on various aspects of faith and leadership. This is a great space to tune into God in fellowship with other women in the workplace and listen in for how He invites you to lead. Please visit our website and sign up to be part of the next Grace Circle event, which will take place on 28 September 2024.

As a start-up not-for-profit, we have just relaunched our Instagram page @wise_well_woman to grow our community. There are regular treats with 'Teesh's Tuesday Truth' , journaling and excerpts from our different events. A quick profile on Teesh Houston is available here.

We also invite you to come alongside us in prayer. We believe prayer is the driving force behind all we do at WELL, and we’d love you to partner with us in prayer for all God is doing and will do with our organization. 

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to all our entire WELL community. We are all about creating spaces of support and fellowship for Christian women across the globe, and we couldn’t do it without each of you. Thank you for all your encouragement, prayers, and support as we continue to build for God’s kingdom. 

With love and blessings, 

Deepa Vargis-Tharmaraj & the entire WELL Team 

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