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Women Empowered
Life & Leadership

Bringing together aspiring, emerging and experienced women of faith with everyday influence, to know and activate their purpose, through leadership conferences, podcasts, discussion forums, coaching and blogs.


Welcome to WELL! Our human nature is to be inspired by women leaders who have made strides at workplaces and communities by leaning in on Christian faith-based leadership values and principles.  The next-generations of women of faith are raring for role models who have Christian leadership values entrenched in their leadership style.

Our Vision

So we want to bring together women leaders of faith from all corners of the world to empower us with their stories of life and leadership at their workplaces and communities and to equip women of faith to achieve their goals with Christian leadership imperatives. ​

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Our Mission

We will equip women of faith through resources available to our members (FREE membership) with access to the peer-to-peer supported discussion forum with the Coach-in-Residence, conferences, trainings and blogs. We will also amplify leadership stories from women leaders of faith through ‘The Well Leadership Podcast’.

About Us

So, here is a platform to share our knowledge, experience and journey to lift other women while we rise.

Discussion Forum

Join Grace Lounge, a peer-to-peer supported community.

Our Events

Join our conferences for women and signature events.

Our Podcast

Listen to our interviews with senior and emerging women leaders of faith.

Our News

Access all our latest news and  blogs filled with informative articles and advice.



“I have had the huge benefit of Christian mentorship from the WELL team; as it has helped me understand God’s plan for me. Mentorship accelerated the revelation of God’s purpose for me at my workplace which led to increased confidence that the Holy Spirit is always with me to guide me and give me the courage I need in uncertain and  unpredictable circumstances.“

Charity Akampumuza

(Content Editor, Uganda/UAE)

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Follow me and I’ll show you how. Self-help is no help at all..

Matthew 16: 24-26 (The Message)

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